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Hard Rock Concrete Cutters


Standing tall in the construction field takes the best people working with the latest equipment. Hard Rock Concrete Cutters has the cutting edge technology and the strength and the know-how to break through the biggest jobs.   Having started in its' founders’ basement and garage, Hard Rock has steadily grown into one of the most trusted names in the Chicago area for construction contractors. Now operating out of our state-of-the-art warehouse in Wheeling, IL, Hard Rock Concrete Cutters clientele ranges from the Mom & Pops to the Multi-National Corporations.

Hard Rock Concrete Cutters is more than just a saw cutting contractor. In addition to slab (flat) sawing, we also provide core drilling, green sawing, grinding and grooving, joint sealing, wall sawing, wire sawing. The newest page in our cutting performance array is...concrete polishing.

In addition to providing services related to concrete cutting, Hard Rock Concrete Cutters also offers equipment sales. We sell the same equipment that we field test daily in various applications throughout the Midwest including drills, saws and our own line of PROSERIES Core Bits and Diamond Blades.

We bring our services to the jobsite no matter where it is! Offering  a wide range of concrete services and products, Hard Rock Concrete Cutters possess the experienced staff and equipment required to handle construction work of any size. Our skills and strengths set us apart from any other service provider.

Contact us today to speak with a representative to learn how Hard Rock Concrete Cutters may assist on your project!

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