Sawing Services

Saws and concrete are the bread and butter of what we do. Our professionals are equipped with years of experience to help you cut through any tough job and range of materials from reinforced concrete to masonry, brick, asphalt, tile, and other solid materials. We offer cutting-edge techniques and the trusted tools to meet the sawing needs of any development.

Slab Sawing

We’ve got the walk-behind machines and skilled operators to quickly saw concrete (green and cured) or asphalt pavement to cut out trenches for underground utility installations, stairways, elevator openings, duct penetrations, and more — all while preserving structural integrity.

Wall Sawing

Even reinforced concrete walls are no match for our track-mounted wall saws. When your project needs precise openings for windows, HVAC ducts, entryways, stairwells and more, our blades are sharp and our pros are up to the task.

Wire Sawing

Commonly referred to as diamond wire cutting (DWC), this specialized technique can cut through almost any material, from concrete to steel. We use two types of wire saw machines, continuous (endless or loop) and oscillating (reciprocating) wire saws, to cut accurate slots and assist with controlled dismantling and demolition projects.